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>someone told me Event monitors are not worth the price because of the
>LOW DYNAMIC response..
>Is this true?

I'm not an expert on studio monitors, but i noticed at the last LA NAMM
show, in the Roland booth, they were demonstrating their new Digital Studio
Monitors (DS90 or something?)  In the demo room, they had a setup to a/b a
couple of other monitors in the same price/performance range.  The
competitors were the Mackie HR824's and Event 20/20p's.

The Mackie's sound fantastic, as well do the Roland's.  At the demo, the
20/20's were the weakest of the three, IMO, but held their own nonetheless.
I would think that they are pretty good monitors to be in that pack!

As Event is now in transition of bringing in a whole new range of monitors
(PS series if i'm not mistaken), I would love to grab a pair of 20/20p's if
someone is blowing them out somewhere.

anyway, my 2 cents.