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Re: ELECTRIX Repeater

PERILLE (07:52 AM 07.26.2000) wrote:

 >Hello Mark,

Hi Emmanuel!

 >I have read about you from Looper's Delight list telling about this
 >Were you already shown a demo of it ?
 >Or have you already tried to use it for a first time ?

Sorry to say, but the unit at the show was running in a flashy demo mode 
where the LEDs and display were cycling through messages, but there was
live hands-on demo available.

Something I missed pointing out from the mail fragment that was quoted
to the Looper's Delight list was that the unit uses a small memory card 
technology to store loops and data on. I *THINK* that Jamie (from
said that it was a Compaq memory technology. It's not Smartmedia nor 
Smartcard. I don't have any numbers on the amount of memory or loop time
the machine.

 >Can this looper record a new loop while playing back the previous
 >recorded loops simultaneously ?

Yes, definitely. And it lets you play pitch and time tricks in realtime 
like you can with the Roland Variphrase. It's quite a box.

Given that the box is due to ship in November, I have to believe that
more information will make it's way out to the lists soon.

Feel free to copy this back to the Looper's Delight list!