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re: Repeater

>While it's true that trainspotting will show the Electrix modules all over
>DJ rigs, the modules are getting great use in home/pro studio setups as 
>Why? Well, for one, they're real ANALOG devices that don't cost you an arm
>and a leg.
>There's another reason though that I think folks are really into. The guys
>at Electrix aren't trying to be high-tech geeks with soldering irons. You
>will *not* find tolerances of .00000001 {anything} in the boxes. The guys
>are _good_ engineers that are also musicians. And *THAT* is the difference
>Electrix is a small company and that puts the solder-jocks close to the
>designers who are close to the marketeers who are close to the real world.
>These products sound good because they are designed by folks who work with
>music for fun (some for $$$) and are not engineering super-nerds.
>It's the same type of feel that you get from other small company products
>like those from Clavia, Waldorf, Access, Big Briar, Encore, etc.

Just wanted to add a bit to this.

Quite often, especially with music gear, you get what you pay for.  I saw
the Electrix Filter Queen at the LA Namm show, and was impressed enough to
buy one.  This is the first filter unit i have ever worked with
(hmmm...does a wah pedal count?)

Anyway, it's a very cool unit, for $200 to boot.  But it is NOISY.
Extremely NOISY.  If the filter is engaged, even with the mix all the way
down, you get a very noticeable hiss from the unit.

Also, it is almost impossible to totally 'kill' the original signal even if
you've got a really tweaked sound.  You can still faintly hear that
original tone in there.

And, in the LFO section, you get a choice of waveforms, but no control over
the shape...just the mix.  So if you want to nip a bit of sharpness off the
peak of the waveform, you're stuck.  You can only turn the mix down a bit.

So, a low priced, dj oriented box can be used in the home studio, but it
starts to show it's weaknesses when pushed beyond the 'two turntables and a
p.a' scenariao.

I would probably expect the same from the Repeater.  I want to try it out,
definitely.  But i'll probably keep my expectations in check with regards
to s/n ratio, depth of features, and such.