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Re: Repeater

Mark Pulver wrote:

> Yikes!

Did I scare you?  

> Hi Andre;

Hi Mark,
> There is a whole world of composing possibilities when looking at loops. 
> can tell you from first hand experience in living in loops that it's not
> all about 4x4 beats and static pitched thumps.

Well, thanks for filling me in.  

> Now... another little point to pick on. :) (All in good fun Andre, okay?)

Okay, Mark.
> While it's true that trainspotting will show the Electrix modules all 
> DJ rigs, the modules are getting great use in home/pro studio setups as 

By all means; this is why I referred to the unit as being geared
seemingly towards a "DJ/producer" approach, as opposed to a "live
performance" approach a la a Boomerang or EDP.  As Damon from Electrix
just pointed out, it's designed with the studio musician in mind.  

I'm not saying that the only use for an Electrix product is for a DJ. 
I'm suggesting that the Repeater seems to be less geared towards live,
performance-oriented looping and more towards studio-based production
work.  That's all.

I've never tried any Electrix units, simply because it's been several
years since I was in the market for new processing gear.  It looks like
a very cool company, from what I've seen.  (Most of what I've seen,
incidentally, has been ad copy or review write-ups in DJ-oriented
publications like URB).  

At any rate, I think it's a bit premature to get too deep into a thread
on a unit that was just premiered at NAMM.  It'll be interesting to see
how the unit gets applied.

--Andre LaFosse