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Re: Repeater

Andre LaFosse (01:44 PM 07.26.2000) wrote:

 >> Yikes!
 >Did I scare you?

Nah, that was just a reaction to my reading your words as tossing the 
Electrix gear into a "DJ only" basket.

 >> While it's true that trainspotting will show the Electrix modules all 
 >> DJ rigs, the modules are getting great use in home/pro studio setups as
 >> well.
 >By all means; this is why I referred to the unit as being geared
 >seemingly towards a "DJ/producer" approach, as opposed to a "live
 >performance" approach a la a Boomerang or EDP.

Ahh... Okay. I misread the slash as you grouping the two together.

 >As Damon from Electrix
 >just pointed out, it's designed with the studio musician in mind.


 >I'm not saying that the only use for an Electrix product is for a DJ.
 >I'm suggesting that the Repeater seems to be less geared towards live,
 >performance-oriented looping and more towards studio-based production
 >work.  That's all.

Oh. I read your words as just the opposite. It looked like you were saying 
that Repeater was geared toward the live crowd.

 >I've never tried any Electrix units, simply because it's been several
 >years since I was in the market for new processing gear.  It looks like
 >a very cool company, from what I've seen.  (Most of what I've seen,
 >incidentally, has been ad copy or review write-ups in DJ-oriented
 >publications like URB).

Ahh... If you get a chance, you might want to take a look at the products 
close up and run some audio through them. One of the keen things about the 
Electrix gear is that they feel good to use. Little touches like them 
pots that aren't too loose or too tight and momentary switches with button 
faces that are big and don't bind up when you hit them off-center (I think 
they're micro-switches with a ball and socket connection to the button 

 >At any rate, I think it's a bit premature to get too deep into a thread
 >on a unit that was just premiered at NAMM.

I disagree. I thought that Electrix may be watching the list and Damon's 
response to the list shows that they are.

Therefore... :)

If we get into a discussion about what may or may not be cool about the 
Repeater (or _any_ product from _any_ vendor) then who knows what can make 
it into the first production cycle.

The box isn't due to ship until November, and the cabinet at the show was 
clearly _production_ class. That would indicate to me that they have a 
pretty good handle on the mechanics of the machine, and that they're 
working on the software.

Let's say that we end up in a discussion about how cool it would be to be 
able to do ________. I would bet that, given it's not an impossible task, 
that you would see the feature in the unit.

I've been involved with many companies of this size that, because of their 
small size, can react very quickly to user suggestions.

One great thing about digital machines is more times than not, "it's only 
matter of software".

 >It'll be interesting to see how the unit gets applied.


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