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VJPro ordering advice

Just wanted to know if any of you own the product VJPro (VJamm, but the
non-demo version). I'm incredibly excited about it, but the company that
makes it (Cambridge A.R.T. -- www.camart.co.uk) doesn't accept credit 
They say it costs $557 in U.S. Dollars and I can give them the money 
an international money order or SWIFT transfer. So here are the questions:

If you have VJPro -- what do you think of it? Does it have all the features
that they state it does on the site? (If so, I'd pay just about anything 
Did the international ordering process work smoothly with Cambridge A.R.T.?
Did they get the product to you reasonably quickly? 

I'm just concerned because if they're not legit then I'd be out a good 
of moulah...

Thanks for any help you can offer!!