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Filter Queen (was RE: Repeater)


Thanx for the tip.  I will check.  But i have been using the 1/4" inputs
exclusively on the unit, and i'm almost sure that i have it set to line
input.  I will check tonight and see.  Welcome to the list.  I think it's
awesome that reps from manufacturers are lurking here, listening in and
putting their two cents in regarding their own products (and soon to be
products).  Thanks Kim for the forum to do this!


>Rich, In regards to the noise on FilterQueen You probably just have the
>Phono Preamp engaged. This will boost a normal input considerably causing
>such noise. Just check the back of the unit and make sure the input is set
>to line.
>The noise related specs on FilterQueen are as follows...
>SNR (A-Weighted) > 90 dB
>THD <0.3%
>Repeater is being designed with the studio musician in mind. We have an
>instrument input on the front as well as full foot switch control. We 
>have a phono preamp built in because we believe that vinyl is a valid 
>source especially since sampling from vinyl is a modern music mainstay.
>Anyway I don't want to go into a big marketing spiel but this will be a 
>very cool product with loads of passion and brainiac algorithms built in.
>Best Regards,
>Damon Langlois
>Creative Director
>Electrix / IVL
>"No Creative Barriers"
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