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Re: Repeater

>Let's say that we end up in a discussion about how cool it would be to be 
>able to do ________. I would bet that, given it's not an impossible task, 
>that you would see the feature in the unit.
>I've been involved with many companies of this size that, because of 
>small size, can react very quickly to user suggestions.

I'll bite!!!

The one thing that is most important to me in my looping setup is the 
ability to do multiple, non-synchronized loops, i.e.. 'loop polyphony'.  
At the moment, not even the EDP (or whatever Gibson will be putting out) 
seems to do this.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!  The only solution for 
me is to run a few different devices simultaneously.  Of course this 
means that I've got a bunch of different things to keep track of (not a 
bad thing in itself), the machines all work differently 
(ditto...sometimes) and that I've got a lot of shit to haul to a gig.  It 
also means that if I do want to synchronize my loops in some useful ratio 
(and not just multiples of 2, damnit!), I have to rely on millisecond 
displays (if available) and some quick math.  So how about this:

(if we're talking about the Repeater here)  
- 4 separate loops which can be recorded while other loops are playing

- loop lengths can be pre-determined by ms., or ratios (e.g..: 5:7 
between loops 1 and 2, 1:3 between loops 1 and 3 etc.), or by record 
start and stop (seamless and foot controlled, of course)

- the time settings can be pre- or post-set to any of the loops or 
pre-set loop length at any time through DSP time stretch or tape-style 
speed change

- relative volume and pan for each of the loops.  Even better, 4 
assignable outputs.  What the hell, this is a wish-list: Mackie-style 
balanced or unbalanced 1/4" jacks for all i/o.

- unit can function with a simple three switch TRS foot pedal (record, 
stop, loop for immediate looping after recording and re-starting a 
stopped loop...?), AND complete midi foot pedal control (assignable and 

- will vacuum my apartment.

It must be clear now that there is no ideal feature set that will please 
everyone.  Judging by the messages on the list, it seems that most people 
are delighted by their EDPs.  While I wouldn't turn one down,  it lacks 
some very important features for me.  

Any other takers???