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Re: Repeater

<The one thing that is most important to me in my looping setup is the
<ability to do multiple, non-synchronized loops, i.e.. 'loop polyphony'.
<At the moment, not even the EDP (or whatever Gibson will be putting out)
<seems to do this.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong! 

It took me long time to get used to the idea but multiple EDPs is really
a viable solution. Two (or three or four) still cost less than heavy duty
samplers, keybouads, guitars and PCs. Why not just go for it?

When I got my first EDP, I thought it was the best music $$ I had ever 
When I got my second one 4 years later, I was convinced THAT was the best 
ever spent.

<  It
<also means that if I do want to synchronize my loops in some useful ratio
<(and not just multiples of 2, damnit!), I have to rely on millisecond
<displays (if available) and some quick math. 

You can do this with multiple EDPs, you can do x on y. You can do great 
just using multiply, you can do even more tricks with a midi clock and 

Otherwise :

I totally like your wish list. 

I would add 
        256MB RAM
        HD for back up