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Re: Soundcard

I believe the creative cards always come with a cable that converts it into
standard MIDI In/Out DIN configurations as well as splits it for a 

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Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 7:24 AM
Subject: OT: Soundcard

> Hi there!
> (sorry for the OT)
> I'm looking for an audio card for a PC
> I need:
> -MIDI IN(s) and OUT(s)
> (not the crappy MIDI ports like creative's sound blaster which needs
> some kind of converter to make them DIN)
> -MIDI synth (if possible)
> -DSP (for managing audio)
> -various audio IN/OUT
> I'd like you to point me to some manufacturer's web sites to check tech
> specs
> Thanks in advance!
> Bye!
> _saM_