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Re: Repeater

Dennis W. Leas (09:19 AM 07.27.2000) wrote:

 >>Morphing through loops in various scales opens up a vast array of fun. 
 >>been working with a partner for the past year or so on an application 
 >>she's writing (in Max) which is all based on mixing, morphing, scaling,
 >>pitching, modaling loops.
 >I looked at your (and Amanda's) website.  Great ideas!  (And that is TWO 
 >heaps of equipment at Cikira's studio!)

:) Yeup, and her pictures are old. :)

 >I need more information!  When will you folks have something like a 

We should have something out "soon", at least a block of screen shots, an 
overview and some audio clips.

But, be warned that "soon" has been the timeline for "a while". :)

We just got a kick in the pants to get something together in the next 
couple of weeks. Word is trickling out about what we're up to and folks 
anxious. (yay!). We won't do a lot of self-promotion in public (it's not 
really our style) but we'll drop words out on various lists when there's 
something more to see and then let the website babble for itself.

Thanks for the words Dennis!

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