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Re: Eventide DSP4500 vs. Kyma

Would you mind telling us more about your Orville please?
In Australia only top level studio's can justify Eventide as its too
expensive and has lower perceived second hand value compared to Lexicon and
TC Electronic.
Before people  talk about the reverb comparisons between Lex and Eventide
Lexicon PCM's have always been popular but around $6000 + pc cards too
expensive,  TC Electronic is deemed to be offering more innovative products
than Lexicon in the last couple of years.
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> Hi K. I'm actually working with an Eventide Orville, after 4 years with a
> DSP4000...well this new box is just amazing; the 7000 is half Orville
> without the 3 minutes sampling/Looping memory.
> My Orville has 87 sec + 173sec of delay/looping/sampling memory.
> The box is like 8 DSP4500 plus the sampler board or 2 DSP7000.
> I can do anything I can Imagine with it, including mastering cds...like
> having 2 TC Finalizers Plus or a Monster supercharged one...This is the
> best...I wrote hundreds and hundreds of programs with the eventide boxes,
> many of them are very well known by Scott Gilfix, brain/stickist at
> Eventide...let's trade some programs if you like...
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