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more loopers in New York City

in the second half of the Bunker:Extreme series, we have:

  World of Tomorrow is a propulsive group somewhere between free jazz and

  glitch is a loopy spacey ambient duo, from the Looper's Delight
  mailing list in fact.

  my solo act is voice and electronic wind instrument and loops
  and oh-so-many effects and perhaps some surprises.

      this is my first solo show in North America in over three years.


World of Tomorrow - 10 PM
Tom Ritchford - 11 PM
Glitch - randomly


Knit Active SoundStage at The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St., NYC

...electronic a capella madness  <http://volectrix.com>.........
...extreme internet radio        <http://extremeNY.com/radio>...