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Re: Eventide4 S.Schreirer

> I really think that one of these units linked to a Repeater will be the 
> incredible & rliable looping/sampling and audio mangling station in the
> universe. Just add a Peavey PC1600x or a Lexicon MRC to get full power 
> remote controlling and you’ll be on a starship to planet Zargon, at 150
> light years from Earth….fast and SAFE!!!

I am REALLY big on the idea of integrating loopers.  Low-cost, stompbox 
certainly have their place, but I really like loopers that "play well with

Jamdudes, EDPs, and (hopefully) the Repeater are ideal input devices.  
This is
where low-latency is critical and the you want a looper-style user 
When you get a loop (or loops) to your liking, you can transfer it to a 
Orville, DSP7000, MAX/MSP, or CSound based system.  Once there, you can
spatialize, pitch-shift, mangle, save, etc.  The number of loops is 
unlimited.  If you like, you could transfer a loop back to the Jamdude, 
EDP, or
Repeater for further manipulation.

Once you get the loop out of the box, you can REALLY play with it.  This is
where MIDI controllers like the PC1600x or alternative one like I-Cube, 
etc. can
be used.

Add an ethernet card...maybe loop across the Internet...Italo would have a 
going, I'd have a loop going, Mathias would have a loop...I could grab 
part of
Italo's loop and part of Mathias'...they could grab the result...Zargon 
here we

It's Friday!  I gots to dream big on Friday!!

Dennis Leas