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RE: Suggestion to the LD mailing list

I like your idea Alejandro and totally agree. Can this be done by the

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From: Alejandro Martínez [mailto:alexmartinez7@hotmail.com]
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2000 2:46 AM
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Subject: Suggestion to the LD mailing list

Hi, I subscribed myself to this list like a month ago and Iīve read some
complaints about sometimes getting too much emails in their inboxes about
this list and I also think that sometimes having to read through 60-70
emails everyday is kind of hard to do, I said "having" īcause I find many 
the posts very useful but I only have the chance to access my inbox once a
day thatīs why I found so many emails there, even using filters in my inbox
it would be the same īcause you canīt know if the content will be of
interest just by reading the subjet line, my suggestion is this: I think it
will be a
good idea to make the posting through a Bulletin Board type of page inside
the Looperīs Delight web site like the BBs that are on pages like Ampage
http://www.ampage.org/ or Vintage guitar online
http://www.vintage-guitar.com:8080/forums/ , I think it would be easier to
just click on a topicīs name and have access to read all the responses to
that particular topic instead of going through all the emails in the inbox,
also in that way you eliminate the need of putting filters to emails that
may have a point of interest: if youīre not interested on that particular
subject you just donīt click on it anymore, also you eliminate the need of
unsbscribing when out for some days or not liking the list anymore yet you
still need to be subscribed to post anything, also people who arenīt
subscribed can still read the posts and I think that would make the 
Delight web page to have more hits per day and thatīs benefical īcause more
people would see the advertisings on the banners that now Kim is starting 
include which I think is a good idea to make the site autosufficient.
I know all of this could mean "ending this list" but I donīt think so, I
think it would be of benefit for both the users and the site itself.

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