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A Most Bitchin' Application of the PMC-10 Foot Controller

Hello all you happy loopers--
I found another great looping application of the PMC-10 by Digitech!  With
the Echoplex Digital Pro (nearly available in stores!) and a MIDI
controllable effects device (or MIDI mixer--MOTU etc) (I am using the GT-3,
with volume controlled by CC 7), here's how to create a balance pedal.  Set
Expression pedal 1 to volume of guitar, with minimum at 40 or so on
controller 1, and volume of the EDP on controller 2, with polarity 
All the way forward is just direct, all the way back is full volume loop,
with just a little live ax.
I am curious as to what other great MIDI strings all y'all have come up
with.  The PMC is the foot controller everybody on this list could use!
Even so, I'm afraid to sell my Mitigator, although I'm not sure if it's 
to go--I'm tempted to buy a second PMC to have as a backup.