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Re: Liebig show/ Wonder Spray

>From: "Clifford@BienAppraisers" <bienappraisers@mindspring.com>
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>Subject: Liebig show/ Wonder Spray
>Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 10:10:23 -0800
>On a side and more loop-oriented note- I have had a switching problem 
>my Jam Man for ages- pressing the pedal produced 2 super quick presses so 
>tap tempos were a nightmare to set- I thought it was a problem with the 
>unit itself- I bought some Caig Labs Pro Gold spray and hit basically 
>everything in my studio including the innards of the original Lexicon 
>footswitch- problem solved! I love that-

just a little note on some past threads (or perhaps the start of some new 
RE: those pesky Lexicon footswitches....the footswitches Lexicon shipped 
with 'ol JamPup are just maybe the worst footswitches made, if only from a 
ergonomic view. But, we all still use 'em, huh?  Flimsy little plastic 
switches that are strategically placed so that any foot larger than a 10 
year olds will double trigger. I have found that the Boss FS5U work great 
with the JamBoy. You have to get two of them and then hook up some sort of 
adapter to use with JamDude's stereo footswitch jack. But since I started 
using them, the precision of tapping into and out of loops has greatly 
increased. Another pair can then be used to select bank/bypass....or just 
use that pesky Lexi FS.
And...since I'm ranting about JamPerson.....the MIDI on this unit is, 
say...slow. I stopped using a MIDI pedal to select/tap loops, as I did 
"sense" (perhaps not notice...but sense) a latency there. My loops are 
tighter now with the non-midi footswitches. I do sometimes use the MIDI 
pedal (I use a Rolls MIDI-Buddy...cheap but efficient) to use the cue 
function on tunes with multiple loops. and, Manual fade, with a volume 
pedal, works better than the MIDI fade function, IMHO.
But, really, I love my JamPuppy, and would not replace it for the world.
Which brings me to the next topic: It ain't the tools.....
JamMan, EDP, Repeater, the new Boss unit, DL4, Headrush, Boomerrang, and 
that Z-Vex low fi looper....these are all just tools. Each one is slightly 
different from another in functions, bells, and whistles. It's not really 
fair to say one is better than the other...especially when offering that 
advice to "newbie" loopers. How creative you are with the tools you use is 
what matters. The music which you channel thru these tools is the point. 
Damn, I'd love to hear what the SplatterDevil might come up with an 8bit, 
mono, 3 sec. sampler/looper! It ain't the gear.....it's who's using it.
Yes, I use the JamMan....and love it. I have found ways to work with and 
around its limitations. It was my first looper, and I learned many tips 
tricks by screwing around with it (and by reading stuff here at LD). I am 
comfortable with it, and can work it...I can "play" it. I just recently 
added a DL4 to my rig. And I like that very much too. Maybe because of its 
limitations. It is different from JamBoy..and I "play" it differently.  
as I play my different basses differently. It is just another instrument 
with another texture for me to use to my creative best. Now I am learning 
use them together.....and as we all know, the DL4 has no syncing 
capabilities. So how they work together is solely up to how I can make 
work together.
In short..it ain't the gear, it's the geek behind the gear. What you can 
with looping is not limited by the technology, but only by your 
BTW: yes...I would love to get a Repeater, an EDP, a 'rang, and an 8bit, 
mono 3 sec sampler/looper. But in the meantime I am going to make the best 
music I can with my JamDog and DL4....and aligator clips, chinese metal 
balls, chopsticks, and tin foil!

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