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experience with group buys and repeater

I called Alto music about the Repeater group buy.  Since we would be buying
sight unseen and for an unspecified price, I was wondering if any of you
had previous experience with group buys with them.  Are the prices really
that good that it justifies buying without knowing the price or if the unit
really works well?
I am intrigued.  Been using a couple of jammen for live performance in
conjunction with acoustic midi guitar for quite sometime and had been
planning on going to the echoplex pro, but the repeater looks even more
interesting.  read the beta manual and am hoping that it's ability to find
the loop points especially interesting.  i've had more than a few live
loops hiccup because of a clumsy right foot.
paul reisler

Paul Reisler
Trapezoid/Ki Theatre
PO Box 38
Washington, VA 22747
540.987.3166 fax