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Re:Good one

That was pretty funny!

> Don't be so sure, Mr Marsalis. In 25 years, the current young generation
> will be in charge of VH-1, classic rock radio programming, film studios,
> etc. If they behave like the baby-boomers, they will produce loads of
> documentaries glorifying the great coming of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit, 
> how music was dull and dead before they descended from the sky to change
> everything. They will play these things over and over again on VH-1 until
> everybody believes it. they will fill the radio waves with it. They will
> make lists of the 100 best rock songs ever with "nookie" at the top. And
> then they will release special edition Kid Rock box sets that will launch
> to the top of the charts as aging Gen-Xers rush out to buy it and
> romanticize their youth. That business model works great now, why give it
> up?
> kim
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