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Posted on Mi2N Today

I posted the following in response to the Napster situation today.  I thought you would be interested.
Some of us who supported the Home Taping Rights Coalition in their fight against RIAA's typical attempt to illegally keep DAT technology from entering the US should become active again, I suspect.
This is "RIAA (The Empire) Strikes Back" all over again.  While record industry execs scream and whine "They're stealing from us!" they undeniably are the biggest users of such technology.  When the cost of DATs was through the roof, when the VCR was out of reach of home users, record and movie industry executives had this technology in their homes and offices, while doing their best to keep it out of EVERYONE ELSES'.  Now they're successfully using Napster's unfortunate flaunting of copyright law against all of us, while surreptitiously keeping the cost of DVD recording high, and thus out of the reach of - surprise - EVERYONE ELSE.  That's YOU, folks.  Stand up and be counted - support the Electronic Freedom Foundation, and write your representatives to tell them how worried you are about the possibility of these elitists keeping technology to themselves, and restricting international trade as a result.
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