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fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

please forgive my obvious penchant for vague & cloudy philosophising, 

steve@steve-lawson.co.uk writes:
>Yeah, Ideally you'll have both - I do like the idea of fading from one
>loop to the next - I've heard Eberhard Weber do this
>with an EDP - good effect.
yeah, yup:
btw: i brought eberhard his first 'looping' device' -a pcm42 just like 
modified by gary hall (?bob sellon?)- way back in 1985 (?'84?).
we were in jan garbarek group, together, for a coupla years; ew liked my 
looping-contributions to that music, & wanted to explore that arena, for 

>I create a similar effect by fading a loop by
>foot whilst looping with another box - ie. JamMan
>with loop gets faded by volume pedal, whilst stuff being played is being
>looped with DL4...

>I'd never argue for less control, though too many controls can lead to
>control being limited...
as more controls are offered on looping-instruments, we each seem to have 
opportunity to more selectively choose which of those controls we *focus* 
and, as 'looping-as-an-instrument' is still in development ---(as are the 
products on offer ---indeed, it appears to me that, other than the EDP & 
impending Repeater, it's still in its infancy, w/most looping-instruments 
still playing catch-up w/the old tape-loop/long-delay-line paradigm, and 
players' useage of the technology hyper-focussed upon the 
i'd currently hafta argue that there cannot be too many controls 
as regards expressivity- though i do believe that the interface w/a 
set of controls might possibly impede their (eventual) musical/virtuosic 

>As GAry has quoted me saying,
>I'm not planning on adding anything new to my setup til I'm completely
>conversant with what I've got - I'd rather hear
>someone playing with an 8 second JamMan that they knew inside out, than
>looping clumsily with 14 EDPs or Repeaters all linked
>up, as I'm sure any of us would.
dig; i think i understand that noble sentiment.
but, i'd hope that the application, thereof, is not too broadly 
(for myself, 'tis true that i'd mostly rather hear a musician capable of 
playing a piece of music that moves me w/just one note & simple 'gear', 
any expressively-disconnected fleet-fingered 'virtuoso' w/racks and racks 
unused-and-potentially-misunderstood electro-goo..... 
i do wonder why we musicians seem so often intent on finding & furthering 
these kindsa polarising concepts, all the time, though?)
would anyone, here, reject the exploratory addition of a new kinda 
bass/turntable/guitar/computer/etc to your kit, even if you had only a few 
specialised-but-irreplaceable uses for it?

and -again, sorry for what may be rhetorical:
how will ya *know* when yer 'completely conversant' w/whatall instruments 
you're currently using: when your useage of said instrument is 'fluid'? 
your peers tell you that it's 'so'? when your imagination tires of mining 
possibilities? when your musical education 'satisfies' you?

and, re: the presentation of someone 'looping clumsily w/14 EDP's or 
it may be that that freak is gonna present something musically 
someday, eh?
the edges of any 'movement' are always in development/in motion, & there 
appear to be myriad consensually-acceptable criteria & agreements for 
maybe it's important to remember that for some folk it's better to sharpen 
the edges, than to codify & organise what's already been done..... i think 
might be our responsibility -and, to our advantage- to encourage that 
activity, here in the looping-worlds..... and, i'd hold that it certainly 
our responsibility to the world, as musicians.

>Once I've nailed the current set up, it'll be time for bigger boxes :o)
me, i just (somewhat reluctantly, & w/a hint of financial difficulty--- i 
have 2 kids in the american univer$ity $y$tem, y'all.....) bought another 
guitar -a different one, w/some potential for new/personal musical 
functionalities- even though i haven't mastered the other one, yet, and 
believe that i ever will.....