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Re: fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

>>>>As GAry has quoted me saying,
>I'm not planning on adding anything new to my setup til I'm completely
>conversant with what I've got - I'd rather hear
>someone playing with an 8 second JamMan that they knew inside out, than
>looping clumsily with 14 EDPs or Repeaters all linked
>up, as I'm sure any of us would.
dig; i think i understand that noble sentiment.
but, i'd hope that the application, thereof, is not too broadly 
(for myself, 'tis true that i'd mostly rather hear a musician capable of
playing a piece of music that moves me w/just one note & simple 'gear', 
any expressively-disconnected fleet-fingered 'virtuoso' w/racks and racks 
unused-and-potentially-misunderstood electro-goo.....
i do wonder why we musicians seem so often intent on finding & furthering
these kindsa polarising concepts, all the time, though?)<<<<

As usual, Mr Torn, your post is the voice of reason in the midst of much 

I guess I was employing hyperbole to make a point - those are polarised 
extremes, but they represent in fewer words the
dichotomy of gear vs music, than a much more subtle and wordy explaination 
of my own journey would have done...

As it is, terms like 'completely conversant' and the differentiation 
between the extremes stated above are completely
nebulous. As music is more art than science, at the bottom line, there's 
no such thing as complete conversancy, but I guess
the point was to do with being in control... but then control can also 
mean opening yourself to the possibilities of

...I guess there's a point where art transcends gear completely - a great 
musician is going to make the strangest most
complicated set up work for them by applying their creativity to the 
perceived strengths of the set-up rather than trying to
make one box do the work of another...

now I'm rambling - suffice to say, you and I are talking the same 
language, but I've got two sets of material to learn in the
next three hours, so don't have the time to expound such concepts. 
Thankyou for clarifying and questioning my flawed
presentation! :o)

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