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Re: Sound Card question and More questions about Bill Gates Ugly Ungainly Babies

Rick Walker put forth:
>I have just downloaded their newest versions of Windows Media Player (v 7.0) and Outlook Express and they
are buggy as hell!!!!     Speaking of that devil,   what media players do people recommend?
Windows Media Player, two versions ago, would play .wav files as loops, seemlessly, whereas, so far the last two versions and WINAMP, as well,  will not loop seemlessly.........there's always a gap at the end.........so annoying to
a dedicated loopist.<
You're so right on the loop aspect!  I had to create an encapsulated player for the Loop of the Week, because the pre-5.0 Media Player had the gap TOO.  It put me into apoplexy to see what I consider a regression bug happen like that - especially since I have an 8kHz mono sample of the Loop of the Week that's supposed to play through it!
For Media Player I don't use 7.0 - it's the pits, and frankly stinks of the same crappy programming or compositing that made Outlook what it is today.  If Microsoft didn't know this they wouldn't make the 6.4 media player available.  Download it from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/download/default.asp - be sure to select the "6.4 for Windows95" since 7.0 is also downloadable from this place.  It works FINE with 98/98se.
Before you install 6.4 though you have to uninstall 7.  Since the 7.0 install is codec-dependent, the uninstall for 7 pulls out codecs as well.  It will be necessary to reinstall your audio and video codecs via Add/Remove Programs - Windows Setup.  Just deselect and reselect them, and let the installation happen - then install the 6.4 player.  I know this seems like a lot, but part of the bits of Media Player 7 that we hate have to do with the codecs.  They just take a few moments to install.
My player of choice is WinAmp, except for looping.  When I'm editing it's Cool Edit Pro, which does REAL looping well.
>Does anyone know of either a DX, a VST or a stand alone program that exists that will do what Pitch and Time can do?
Doesn anyone have much experience with Pitch and Time itself.......It sounds fantastic.<
I know this is possible using Cool Edit Pro, I believe it's also available in the trial version of Cool Edit.  One can stretch while preserving pitch, lower or raise pitch while preserving tempo, or find beats / cues in a given selection.
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