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Re: Sound Card question

I can recommend the SBLive card.  I've got the MP3+ model, which lists at about $99.  I've not had a problem besides a brief conflict with the VIA chipset handling whenever new hardware is added to the bus, which is resolved by an IRQ sharing patch available from VIA.  An addon supplies 5.1 surround as well.
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Sent: 01 March 2001 16:20 PM
Subject: Sound Card question

I have a hardware question for you all.  I want to start putting my loops online but I don't know what kind of soundcard to get.  Any suggestions on an inexpensive sound card?
  My setup is a Yamaha MD-4  --> soundcard?  ---> Windows 2000 machine? 
Which raises another question, with the new Windows operating systems ME and 2000, which is better for multi-media applications like editing music?  ME seems quite buggy, but supposedly more designed for this use.  Any feedback?