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Re: Sound Card question

I do have to pipe in about the Audiowerk 2.  I have it.  Great card for the
money--SPIDF and all.  However, the latency I got with the MME drivers on a
Win98SE machine was intolerable (300+ ms) and I still haven't been able to
get the thing to work under my new Win2000 machine.  I've installed the new
drivers in about every combination you can, have no other devices on the
PCI bus and still no joy.  Emagic's email support has been slow, and
really, unresponsive.  After telling them I installed the newest drivers,
they took five days to respond, asking me, "did you install the newest
drivers?  Try that."  Ugh.

I've heard very good things about Event's products.  If the MD4 has digital
outs, look for a card with the same--best to avoid converters of you can.
If the Emagic thing doesn't happen soon, I'll be investing in a RME
Hammerfall, but that's digital I/O only (which is fine for me).

I've also heard good things about the Delta Labs stuff.

Good luck.


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The Emagic "Aw2" is a pretty good soundcard and it
costs around US$ 200-220, I read event electronics
came out with a new soundcard that also is around $US
200, I think itīs called "Mia" or "Mona".

--- Jeffrey Robert <lewbrew@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a hardware question for you all.  I want to
> start putting my loops online but I don't know what
> kind of soundcard to get.  Any suggestions on an
> inexpensive sound card?  My setup is a Yamaha MD-4
> --> soundcard?  ---> Windows 2000 machine?
> Which raises another question, with the new Windows
> operating systems ME and 2000,  which is better for
> multi-media applications like editing music?  ME
> seems quite buggy, but supposedly more designed for
> this use.  Any feedback?
> thanks,
> Lew

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