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EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

Hi loopers,
I've had an Echoplex for more than 4 years, and I have recently bought a brand new one to loop in stereo.
I upgraded the software in my old unit to Loop III 5.0 and both work together like a charm.
The only problem was the difference in input/output gain between the two EDPs, so I did the mod on my old one as explained in the FAQ
Now I can set the knobs in both units to almost the same position for balanced stereo looping, but...
the old unit after the mod sounds distorted, even before the LED goes orange.
I was careful to replace the right resistors with the correct values.  Only difference is that I got 2%, not 1% resistors in town.
Is it possible that the mod may not work correctly on some units?
What else could have gone wrong?
In order to undo the mod I need to buy new resistors (our cat hid them), in that case I would need to confirm the values of the original resistors.
Thanks for your help!
Fabio Katz
Stick and Loops