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Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

I just spoke with our resident electronics expert, and he says that the
resistor's tolerance value, in this application, doesn't matter.  The
important thing is that you use metal film resistors, because they are
inherently less hissy than ceramic resistors.

I've been having problems with distortion before the indicator turns red
as well.  Of course, I'm color blind, so maybe I'm just not catching the
orange light.  Here's a question for our electronics friends out there:
are there any replacements for the EDP clip led that are, say,
blue/yellow or blue/red, that might be more color-blind-friendly?


>  the old unit after the mod sounds distorted, even before the LED goes
> orange. I was careful to replace the right resistors with the correct
> values.  Only difference is that I got 2%, not 1% resistors in
> town. Is it possible that the mod may not work correctly on some
> units?