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Re: Sound Card question and More questions about Bill Gates Ugly Ungainly Babies

I don't know about you guys, but I have a formula for dealing with Windows.
Everytime they put out a new Operating System, I think it takes about 2 solid years before they
work out all the kinks.    Consequently, I just don't trust Windows 2000 and still use Win 98.
I have just downloaded their newest versions of Windows Media Player (v 7.0) and Outlook Express and they
are buggy as hell!!!!     Speaking of that devil,   what media players do people recommend?
Windows Media Player, two versions ago, would play .wav files as loops, seemlessly, whereas, so far the last two versions and WINAMP, as well,  will not loop seemlessly.........there's always a gap at the end.........so annoying to
a dedicated loopist.
What do you guys say?
One last question,     there is a plugin for ProTools called
'Pitch and Time' which, apparently, enables one to go in and stretch individual transients so that loops can be made to
conform to new rhythms or new rhythmic feels.
Yes, it can be done with ReCycle, but it is a collosal pain in the rear.     This plugin seems not to work with the free ProTools version for PC.
Does anyone know of either a DX, a VST or a stand alone program that exists that will do what Pitch and Time can do?
Doesn anyone have much experience with Pitch and Time itself.......It sounds fantastic.
And does anyone know when Pluggo is going to be ported to the PC side of the universe (I know, I know.........all my Mac friends are laughing at me now!!!!!!)
Thanks for any help I recieve in advance.
Rick Walker   (loop.pool)