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A Call to Arms: The First Annual Santa Cruz VOICE + ELECTRONICS FESTIVAL

I almost forgot:

I am producing another free festival (" from now on, it's a free
festival...................and please don't eat the brown acid")  called 


at the RIO THEATRE sometime in the end of April, beginning of May (the date
is not set yet).

The festival will pair Acapella Vocalists with Electronics processing
artists as well as Vocal Only Looping groups or individuals.  I will be
debuting a new project called TROIS VOIX with trained opera singer, Amy
Escalere and improvising vocalist extraordinaire, Pipa Pinon (who has a
beautiful new trip hop record out called 'DREAMBEACH').......we will have
some very fun audience participation pieces for vocals.
Chanteuse, Nancy LeVan (and processor, Bill Walker), John Woolsey (from the
very eclectic, talented and crazy
Estrasphere) and several others will be participating as well.   The
performance is free to the public.........the theater and sound system, 
to the artists..........the artists, free to the gig..............no money
at all....... but the artists can sell CDs at the show!!!!

The lineup is close to sewn up but I am calling for both performance and
recorded musical submissions in the form of CDs, Minidiscs, Vinyl, Dats 
rather not because I have to borrow a DAT player, but I will) and/or
cassettes of people working with this limited but
wonderful palette....................NO INSTRUMENTS..........period!  
dot!    Only Voice and Processing (it doesn't matter how freaky).

I will be doing radio interviews and will play the best stuff I recieve at
these interviews as well as between acts at the performance.    I will read
a short prepared statement by anyone who submits, introducing them to the
concert goers.
Anyone who was involved with the First Solo Bass Looping Festival we had a
couple of months ago knows that this is a special place to hold creative
events and that the people of Santa Cruz are, for the most part, very
creative, supportive and knowledgeable about new music.

My snail mail address is:

412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

I won't have the time or the dough to return submissions, so consider them
tithes to the creative spirit.
Thanks,  I look forward to hearing what you guys and gals have been doing,
vocally and loopingly.

loopingly yours,   Rick Walker  (Loop.pooL)