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OT: Sound Card question

OS religions aside (I both run and support Win, Mac, and Linux),
a lot of the stability issues on the Win32 platform depend a
great deal on the drivers and hardware resource settings/config,
more than the base OS itself (which has flaws, they all do).
The thing about Winx (and most OS's - but Mac being the most
friendly of these) is that the out-of-the-box configuration
isn't ideal for audio, and beaucoup de tweaking is required to
get software/hardware config right (disabling drive caching,
etc).  But that's the reality of a general purpose OS.

I've run audio software on all three of the above platforms,
I've had problems on each, although the Gx platform for the Mac
is the slickest setup (and most expensive), and Linux the most
tedious, but I've found Win2k to be much more stable and
reliable than Win9x, but finding good Win2k drivers is the real

Honestly, Win9x is the only OS that I swear actually
deteriorates over time.  My audio box at home runs Win9x (for
software compatiblity and budget reasons), and I have to rebuild
the little squirt about every few months, usually because I've
installed some software or update that's wacked something else
on the box.  Typical.  I tried tracking system file changes, but
the descrepencies I found in.dll versioning made that pretty


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> I am v. happy with mine as well.
> It works across the  windows 'family'
> but gives me a tad of trouble in linux-land with
> aRTs, but will be supported soon - if not already.
> Cheapest quality digi IO i know of.
> Tapeheads insist that it resamples everything at
> 48khz, but I haven't had any audible problems.
> as to the choice of OS - do you mind lockups and
> freezes?
> if you do, then 2000 is your friend
> d
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> > I can recommend the SBLive card.
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