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Re: Sound Card question

Are you implying that 2000 locks and freezes more than ME? What O/S do you
recommend using for audio extraction and editing?
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From: "rayographique" <rayographique@yahoo.com>

> I am v. happy with mine as well.
> It works across the  windows 'family'
> but gives me a tad of trouble in linux-land with
> aRTs, but will be supported soon - if not already.
> Cheapest quality digi IO i know of.
> Tapeheads insist that it resamples everything at
> 48khz, but I haven't had any audible problems.
> as to the choice of OS - do you mind lockups and
> freezes?
> if you do, then 2000 is your friend
> > I can recommend the SBLive card.