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Re: fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

steve@steve-lawson.co.uk writes:
>I guess I was employing hyperbole to make a point - those are polarised
>extremes, but they represent in fewer words the
>dichotomy of gear vs music, than a much more subtle and wordy explaination
>of my own journey would have done...
dig, dug, dag.

>As it is, terms like 'completely conversant' and the differentiation 
>the extremes stated above are completely
>nebulous. As music is more art than science, at the bottom line, there's
>no such thing as complete conversancy, but I guess
>the point was to do with being in control... but then control can also
>mean opening yourself to the possibilities of
.....and remaining 'open' enough to 'guide' the possibilities, maybe?

>...I guess there's a point where art transcends gear completely
ach, may that moment arrive sooner, rather than later!

>- a great musician is going to make the strangest most
>complicated set up work for them by applying their creativity 
>to the perceived strengths of the set-up
---or, the perceived *weaknesses*, maybe.....

>rather than trying to
>make one box do the work of another...
>now I'm rambling - suffice to say, you and I are talking the same 
!no doubt!

>but I've got two sets of material to learn in the
>next three hours, so don't have the time to expound such concepts. 
>for clarifying and questioning my flawed
>presentation! :o)
as i think you know, steve, i like to ask questions, is all..... and there 
seem to be so many to ask, these days!!!
much respect.
dt / splattercell