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Re: fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

<lots of snipped great stuff from DT>

> as i think you know, steve, i like to ask questions, is all..... and 
> seem to be so many to ask, these days!!!
> 8-)
> much respect.
> best,
> dt / splattercell


Long may your questioning continue - the level of philosophical critique 
on this list is the highest I've come across on the
net (not much competition there, I must admit... :o) and it's a great 
feeling to have one's thoughts and musings clarified,
questioned, challenged, untangled and unpacked by such a mellow group of 


(PS - great to meet Stephen Goodman at my gig last night - thanx for the 
CD Steve, will report back as soon as I get to
listen to it - hopefully tomorrow or later on today...)