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Re: fdbk control/dt goes astray, again.....

I'm pleased to announce that a firm in the UK named OuterEye - they do 
streaming services - are using some of my music to accompany video content
shown on their site! This is also included in the free CD in Digit magazine
this month, and their site is at http://www.outereye.com/vi-index.html,
under 'examples', and choose one of the "Arctic Landscape" links. Let's 
the folks who did the footage get in touch with me! :)

I should also mention that they've got an offer of 1500 minutes of 
for 100, which could be a great start for someone just to get their video
material online and viewed, by the right people.

Secondly there's a whole new look at http://www.earthlight.net - more
icon-driven and hopefully a more informational setup.  While it's always a
work-in-progress this is a new tier of development.  So drop in and let us
know what'cha think!

Stephen Goodman
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