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EDP Undo Function

One of the dilemmas I face in looking at the EDP is the memory constraint on the Undo function.  As I understand it from the EDP manual, Undo only works if you're total memory usage is less than 50% of the unit's capacity.  Have people found this constraint to be problematic in using / performing with the EDP?  If so, how have you addressed or resolved that (aside from the obvious.......keeping any loop(s) you want to Undo under 1.5 mins.  To me, this limits the "true capacity" of the machine to 1.5 minutes of looping time, if I want to edit loops or correct mistakes as I create them.  Is that a misconception on my part? 
Also, is the Overdub function also limited by memory, or is it unlimited, as with the Jamman? 
And in terms of using the EDP as a digital delay, are people generally satisfied with that, say in comparison with the Jamman (which is a really nice delay, imho).
I'd really appreciate any input people might have around this, as I am looking at a possible purchase decision on the EDP within the next 24 hours.  Thanks! 
p.s. not to re-inflame the Jimi discussion, but the intro section of the EDP manual I downloaded off the web boasts that he was doing a significant amount of looping in his day.............