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Re: EDP Undo Function

At 9:16 AM -0800 3/3/01, Stephen Bradley and Kristen Chamberlin wrote:
>    One of the dilemmas I face in looking at the EDP is  the memory
>constraint on the Undo function.  As I understand it >from the  EDP
>manual, Undo only works if you're total memory usage is less than 50% of
>the  unit's capacity. 

you have to have enough memory available to store previous versions of
whatever you are doing so that you can undo back to them.

> Have people found this constraint to be problematic
>in  using / performing with the EDP?  If so, how have you addressed or
>resolved  that (aside from the obvious.......keeping any loop(s) you want
>to Undo under  1.5 mins.  To me, this limits the "true capacity" of the
>machine to 1.5  minutes of looping time, if I want to edit loops or
>correct mistakes as I create  them.  Is that a misconception on my part? 

that is true. the memory available can be used by you in different ways.
you can keep enough left over for more undo's, or more loops, or just have
a really long loop. Do you really expect to be creating loops 2 minutes
long? I suppose there are many applications for loops, but that seems like
a lot of attention span to ask of your listeners. It will probably take 3
or 4 repetitions before they can even determine that it is a loop. Think
about it: Record 2 minute loop, let loop play as you overdub another 2
minutes, then let that play as you noodle a bit for the next 2 minutes,
then undo the overdub and listen to the original 2 minute loop again. 8
minutes have passed, how much audience is still paying attention? Not
me....I'd be at the bar long before that....

Most people use much shorter loops, which gives them much more depth for 

>  Also, is the Overdub function also limited by  memory, or is it
>unlimited, as with the Jamman?    

overdub is unlimited. You can add more stuff to the loop as long as you
want, memory size does not matter. If you have enough memory space, you can
undo multiple layers of overdubs all the way back to the beginning.

>And in terms of using the EDP as a
>digital delay,  are people generally satisfied with that, say in
>comparison with the Jamman  (which is a really nice delay, imho).  

In delay mode, the echoplex is more like a regular delay than the jamman as
far as I know. Tap a delay time, the time is dispayed on the screen. The
input is open so anything you play goes into the delay and gets repeated,
just as with a normal delay. The feedback knob controls delay feedback, as
you expect. The feedback pedal input actually controls delay input volume,
which gives you an easy way to decide what goes into the delay at what
volume, and what doesn't go in at all, by engaging the volume pedal. The
overdub acts as a hold button, so pressing it sets feedback to 100% and the
input to the delay line is closed, just like hold on a normal delay.
Otherwise, all other echoplex features are available as they are in loop
mode. So in actuality, delay mode and loop mode on the echoplex are not
that different from each other.


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