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Re: EDP Undo Function

A request for the long fabled update to the EDP software:

Could we have an option to change short press undo while in playback
(rather than record or overdub) to mean undo back to before the last
operation/redo the operation? I suspect that part of the confusion over
undo on the EDP that comes up on this list (or at least part of my
confusion at times when using it) is the trim the last layer behavior.


P.S. Reading the manual, it suggests that when we run out of memory, if at
all possible the pre-operation loop is preserved. In other words, if we
have room for 3 loops in memory and we start with A and layer B followed by
C followed by D in a single overdub, then memory ends up holding A, A+B+C,
and A+B+C+D. Is this correct? If not, could there be an option to provide
this behavior? We've obviously got to toss something out, and it would seem
better to toss A+B rather than A.