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Armatron Sound Laboratory Spring Cleaning Sale

Hello everyone-

I have two Roland rackmount line mixers for sale, and I would like to
offer them up here before putting them on eBay.  They are both in
like-new condition.

The M-240R is a 24-mono-channel mixer with 4 aux sends per channel (one
pre/post) plus a "CUE" send which is handy for sending signals to, say,
a looping device.  4 rack spaces.  $325

The M-480R is a stereo version of the M-240R, with 24 stereo inputs (or
48 mono pairs) and 6 aux sends (2 pre/post), plus stereo "SUB" and "CUE"
buttons.  Create massive feedback loops.  Be prepared for Repeater.  6
rack spaces.  $425

I also have a MOTU Midi Timepiece AV, Alesis M-EQ230 equalizer and
RA-100 power amp, Behringer FB-X feedback destroyer, Sequential Circuits
Prelude synth, Kawai R-100 drum machine (MIDI, DIN, CLK sync master),
and a Vestax PMC-06T DJ mixer for sale.

Please email (off-list) me for any specifics, and thank for shopping.