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Re: Introduction (long)

Hi...just read your (lengthy) bio post on Looper's Delight. Sounds very 
interesting from a number of fronts. I am a bassist/looper, and I use 
treatments of the bass as my principle texture (in a very eno-esque sort 
way). As of late I have been concerning myself with the acoustic bass, and 
treatments thereof, but had previously "dabbled" into the techno/dance/DnB 
styles using processed bass/bass loops and multiple drum loops. Your 
experience, creative and computer, sounds fascinating.
I am writing you because I live in Tehachapi (in the mountains SE of 
Bakersfield) and come to SLO often (in fact will be there this weekend), 
as an electronica/looping performer composer am always on the prowl for 
venues to play....and for possible collaborators.
I have performed at several of the Northern California Festivals of 
Electronica, and the recent Solo Bass Looping Festival.
I am very interested in what you are doing over there as far as the 
electronica/dance culture goes. Sounds as tho you might be creating a meld 
of the intellectual and viscereal....
I would like to open communications with you concerning A) possible 
collaborations between your computer-based electronica and my own 
bass-derived sonic manipulations. As a composer (several film 
scores/commercials) I am always eager for true collaborations...it seems 
bring out my best. B) the possibility of performing in SLO soon and 
re-indulging my interest in loop-based dance music.
C) My colleague Rick Walker (Loop.pooL) ...a freq. contributor to Looper's 
Delight and promoter of many NorCal Looping events, as well as a world 
percussionist and outstanding electronica artist and producer...a planning 
small (california) LoopFest Tour and would like to put SLO in that 
itinerary.  Perhaps you can help us out there. Previous Looping Festivals 
have been quite succesful (and fun).
Please e-mail me if you are open to any of these ideas.

Thanks for your time and consideration...Max Valentino

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