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OT: Re: dt goes astray, again.....

KB305@aol.com writes:

>you guys made one of the finest records ever made by humans: it's OK to
>listen to the gray voice
ummm, well:
that recording was *not at all* 'up to' the performance-level of the 
sad, for me, that said disc is the only living document of the band.....

>> and -again, sorry for what may be rhetorical:
>> how will ya *know* when yer 'completely conversant' w/whatall 
>> you're currently using: when your useage of said instrument is 'fluid'?
>> when your peers tell you that it's 'so'? when your imagination tires of 
>> the possibilities? when your musical education 'satisfies' you?


>> i bought another
>> guitar -a different one, w/some potential for new/personal musical 
>> functionalities- even though i haven't mastered the other one, yet, and
>> can't believe that i ever will.....

>What'dja buy, Dave?  I'm guessing not another Klein... Unless you finally
>persuaded Lorenzo to make you a true archtop (I asked him about the same
>thing, he mentioned you had bugged him about it...)
hmmm, i don't think i ever really bugged him about that! not that 
in archtops, as ye might imagine.
i've commissioned a Teuffel Tesla gtr, w/6-strings & a TransTrem & some 
personalised electronics.
it'll be built in 2 stages:
1) is the basic guitar, w/a coupla my own electronic requirements, &
2) will include a modification to the 'turntable' in the lower bout 
allow for expressivity-controls over one-or-more looping devices:
my goal is to play an instrument that actually integrates some disparate 
electronic elements of my 'schtick' (that's yiddish, for 'schtick'), 
dt / splattercell