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Teuffel guitars

Hedewa7@aol.com wrote:

> i've commissioned a Teuffel Tesla gtr, w/6-strings & a TransTrem & some 
> personalised electronics.

I saw (and played) some Teuffel guitars at NAMM a few weeks back. 
Beautiful sounding (and looking) instruments.

And in terms of how radical the design is, the most out-there models
basically make a Klein look like a '57 Strat by comparison...

> 2) will include a modification to the 'turntable' in the lower bout 
> allow for expressivity-controls over one-or-more looping devices:

Dare I inquire as to what some of these controls might be?  Some EDP
footswitch-style buttons, perhaps?  A feedback regulator?  

> dt / splattercell

All lowercase sig, David?!  Must be Casual Friday!

--Andre LaFosse