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moRE: so cal gig spam

Title: so cal gig spam
 hi, sorry to post this again. i was just informed that the gig is at 9:00 - - NOT 8:00.
also, i might add that the original post (which i had forwarded) neglected to mention that both ge and kaoru do looping as well.

Splinter Group
CRIB/G.E. Stinson duo

Sunday, March 4th,  9  pm
Knitting Factory LA
Alterknit Lounge
$7 (i think)

Splinter Group is:
G.E. Stinson: gtr, shrapnel
Steuart Liebig: bass, loopage, alchemy
Kauru: vocals, toys, hand percussion, weather
Chowderhead: turntables, noises, slop