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OT: Re: thanks dt

ekstasis1@hotmail.com writes:
>Oh...by the way (and this is expressly addressed to Mr.dt) I just got my
>copy of the Splattercell CD (I know...I procrastinated. it was on my list
>things to do for a good long time....better late than never). And I must
>what a divine inspiration it is! To all on the list (regardless of 
>instrument or specific style of music) get this CD! It's been in my CD
>player for the past three days....but I can't get thru a complete listen!
>I hear one track (or even a partial track) and HAVE to dash off to the 
>and do some creating of my own. Extremely creative and inspiring. 
>Mr. Torn.
thank you, max.
i presume yer talkin' bout OAH, right?, or didya git the REMIKSiS:::AH cd, 
dt / splattercell

the american press, on SPLaTTeRCeLL ::: OAH
"Destined for cult status, this should be the guitar record of choice for 
electronica admirers--- or the fave electronica album for guitar fans."
            BillBoard Magazine (usa)

"..... a chillingly wonderful instrumental CD. Brilliant stuff."
            Keyboard Magazine (usa)

"Torn is perhaps the hippest creator of cut-and-paste music you're likely 
encounter. Case in point is SPLaTTeRCeLL ::: OAH. OAH is a bold leap 
for the forces of organica--- those who believe that the hybrid of live 
performance & digital editing is the most exciting musical place-to-be."
            ReMiX Magazine (usa)

"It's the kind of experience that had me shaking my head & saying, 'Holy 
shit, what was that?!'. Other flash guitarists can give you occasional 
transcendent licks, but on this (SPLaTTeRCeLL) CD, Torn gives you a 
cosmic package".
            Alternative Press (usa)

"Damn, this is one gorgeous mind-wrangle of a record!"

SPLaTTeRCeLL: http://www.gaalore.com/davidtorn.nsf/Pages/soah
Solid States: http://www.gaalore.com/davidtorn.nsf
List site: http://www.egroups.com/group/davidtorn

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