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Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

No, not necessarily.  It looks to me that the gain difference is only in 
units made at different points in the EDP chronology.  I seem to remember
Kim? saying the first run of Gibson EDP's were made from leftover Opcode
parts and the second was from a totaly new production.  I bet if you bought
two now they would be exactly the same.  Mine work OK together, they only
needed some input/output knob tweeking.

I know the gain thing is a real pain for some folks but you could look at 
this way.  The EDP has gone through, what four sucessful incarnations?  
gear is made once and then discountinued never to be seen again.  If 
were to sell the rights to Vortex to someone and a new production run was
started would they be exactly the same as the original?


>From: "Mark Hamburg" <mhamburg@Adobe.COM>
> So is this going to be another reason why if I want to go stereo, I 
> look at getting a Repeater (whenever they become available) rather than a
> second EDP?
> Mark