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Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

At 10:31 AM -0800 3/2/01, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>Ah, but I've already got one EDP and looping happily. So the question is
>whether the route to stereo is get another EDP or to wait for a Repeater
>(which is stereo in of itself) to use in addition to my EDP. How irritated
>am I likely to be at changes in the behavior of the various EDP
>generations? (I have a reasonably late generation Oberheim EDP.)

hmm, I find it amazing that the fact that Gibson actually took the effort
to improve their product could be a reason not to buy it. You guys are hard
to please! :-)

Another hardware change made to the input audio path on the new echoplexes
is the addition of a limiter before the loop input. It's pretty much
impossible to clip the loop input now, which should make a lot of people
happy. I guess that could actually be perceived as a gain difference
between older and newer, because if you were engaging a limiter on one but
not the other it would definitely seem like different levels even if the
knobs were in the same place.

also as BrotherK mentions below, two or more echoplexes will let you do
multiple loops of different lengths at the same time, sync'd in ratios or
not at all, controlled by just you or several people, etc. That is not
possible with a single echoplex or a single repeater.

>(Kim could of course sweeten the pot by announcing that the new software 
>just around the corner and that it does amazing things...)

There is a software upgrade coming for the EDP, which will add a whole
bunch of new features. As is our practice, we don't preannounce when it
will be available or what exactly it will do. (that's suicide on this list,
as electrix can attest to....)  However, as with all currently unreleased
products, it will do everything you can possibly imagine prior to actually
shipping. At that point it will only do what it actually does.


>At 10:00 AM -0800 3/2/01, kamlapati.khalsa@philips.com wrote:
>>Two EDPs will always be cool. Most important : you can either use them in
>>true stereo, or brother sync'd
>>but as two independent audio paths, completely unsycn'd, or brother 
>>in a serial audio path!
>>The hookup possibilities are huge!
>>And futhermore, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and the with
>>EDPs you can actually make
>>music now. With the Repeater you can only think about making music!
>>Brother K

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