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Re: Looper Construction Kit (was Re: 1U PC for Kyma)

Ok Dennis, I'm hooked.
What's the next step in releasing this veritable cornucopia of looping
contraptions to the rest of the world ?
Actually, I really think you should have this beta tested first and I 
to know this Welsh bloke who would be prepared to put it through its
paces -FREE OF CHARGE : )


> > One more thing - Can you insert stuff into feedback loops : )
> Yes!  Several ways.  You can circulate the loop from a playback Sound,
> through a signal twister of your own devise, and back to an overdubbing
> recorder.  Also, the sample points are held in a wavetable.  So you can
> mutate the sound as it lies there defenseless.  You can have multiple
> mutagens, of course.  You can extract features of one sound (loop) and 
> them to mutant another loop, etc.