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Re: Looper Construction Kit (was Re: 1U PC for Kyma)

Hi Gareth,

> This sounds intriguing Dennis.
> You realise though that you've opened a can of worms for yourself ? . . .

See http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/depts/ent/notes/Vegetables/veg040e/img_loop.htm

> . . .
> One more thing - Can you insert stuff into feedback loops : )

Yes!  Several ways.  You can circulate the loop from a playback Sound,
through a signal twister of your own devise, and back to an overdubbing
recorder.  Also, the sample points are held in a wavetable.  So you can
mutate the sound as it lies there defenseless.  You can have multiple
mutagens, of course.  You can extract features of one sound (loop) and use
them to mutant another loop, etc.

Dennis Leas