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Re: Pre and Post sampling a loop (read on)

The echoplex already uses basically this technique to make smooth loops. No
need for an upgrade! It also detects whether you are actually playing
anything at the point where you close the loop, so it knows whether to
overdub this quick x-fade into the beginning of the loop or not.

At 2:58 PM -0800 3/4/01, Jon Wagner wrote:
>Hey y'all-
>  I had this idea the other night about how my dream looper would work.  
>would sit there recording material and filling up its buffer with the last
>few seconds of sound it heard.  Then when the record button is pressed, it
>saves say the last 100ms of sound just before the button-press (call this
>segment A).  Then, when the loop is closed (say by pressing the record
>button again), it saves 100ms more data after the button press(call this
>segment B).  It would then ramp up the volume smoothly of segment A and
>overdub this onto the end of the loop - leading into the beginning.  It
>would then ramp down the volume of segment B and add it to the beginning 
>the loop - easing out of the ending.  With this teqnique, a really smooth
>loop could be created without any blip at the transition point.
>  Of course in an ideal world there would be full control over how much 
>and post sampling would be done and what kind of volume fading would be
>  Maybe there is already a way to do this?  If not, how about adding this 
>the next EDP software upgrade:)
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