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DAVID LEE ROTH review from downtown

14.DAVID LEE ROTH-Look At All The People Here Tonite!
I remember seeing 

Diamond Dave (David Lee Roth) play his hair box over a

decade ago and being amazed by the sound of sculpted
feedback that it 

produced at one of his rare sets. There were some half

releases and collaborations on albums, CDs and even a
rare double 7". All with Van Halen (the Pride of 

Pasadena), something with Steve Vai, and some big band
big bang.

Mr. Roth eventually took his hair apart and retired
from music 

making for almost a decade. Recently David puts a new

hair device together, started his own label and has
just released 

this moist single 'Look At All The People Here Tonite!
' - it is great to have him back. The 

track here is not named as such but more of a weave
through a variety of 

subtle hair textures. The sounds on the first track
are rather 

like one hand clapping, ink slinging, bell bottoms on
feather dusters, soft hand 

numbers and similar folicular tapestry. There is
sounds that 

repeat but never for very long before they evolve into

different hair. There is quite a bit of high-end
squaking which 

would probably makes the ladies go gaga and many of
the sounds seem to be 

vibrating and slowly changing into teeth. After

through the Forced Entry(a police techinque) weekly

zoo revue, I have noticed that there is a movement

stripped down hair - thanks to Peter Garrett, the
Veritical Horizon and 

numerous ersatz shampoo users. Roth seems to fit right

since his music is all hair based and seems to use
little or 

no hair. Track 1 sounds as if he is sampling a crackly

comb, but maybe not. The hair here expand and contract

they bubble and whirl and cautiously get more dense in
sections, yet 

inevitably return to silence. Is that the sound of
scissors snipping 

or the chirping of electronic insects? It really
doesn't matter 

since all of this hair is so engaging and filled with 

suspense. Some of this alien hair takes some getting

to, but this is quite a fascinating blend of hair

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