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Re: switching off with mains

You could potentially cause a power surge if you have enough draw on
power up. If your power amp(s) and console are on the same circuit, you
will probably have issues. First, power amps usually have a serious
start up surge. Older consoles and powered mixers have similar initial
conditions. Second, if your power amp doesn't have a turn on relay (the
relay mutes the incoming signal for a few seconds while the circuit
stabilizes), you could blow your speakers. Many pieces of gear don't
have muting relays and "pop" when turned on. This is why you turn the
power amp on last and off first. This is the proper sequence:


synths and drum machines
outboard gear
power amps

Reverse the sequence to power down.

There are products available that will turn equipment on in a specified
sequence. They are usually pricey, and is the reason most of us turn
gear on manually. You can group similar types of equipment on the same
switch, taking care not to over draw the current rating. Most gear built
today has minor current draw. Tube gear usually draws 3 amp or more, so
be careful wiring these on the same circuit(s).

Be Well

Will Brake

Luca wrote:
> One question I have never had the chance to ask to professional 
> developers:
> How bad is it to switch on/off electronic/digital processors (not 
> with the main switcher ?
> I mean, keeping their front panel's switch always on and use the studio's
> general one ?
> Thanks for clearing an arcane.
> Luca
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